Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Back to School: Who Am I?

Well, we are back in school and I am so excited about the activities that we are doing this year.  First off, we worked on a project called "Who Am I?"  This was a two day project that is cute when completed.

First day: We created our faces.  I die cut the head using the back of a earth shaped die cut book.  It is great because it makes it look like the head has a neck.  I also die cut hands.  They glued these on to 18x24 construction paper. Then they glued on google eyes, a button nose, and gift wrap shreds for hair (yes I let them have blue hair).  They colored in a mouth and painted their nails.

Second day: We worked on the "Who Am I?" sentence frame. We worked through the sentences filling in the blanks together.  Then we glued it to the paper.  Then we cut around the person and riddle.  Here are some examples below.

Hope you like it.

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