Friday, August 5, 2011

Classroom Management: Rewards (FREEBIES)

In years past, I created a leveled rewards system where children earned tickets or money and spent it each Friday for rewards.  My rewards were leveled to prevent boredom - first 10 tickets eraser, second 10 tickets (20) pencil, etc.  This took a long time for each child to bring their money, me to count it, and then having to track what level they were on.  Also, stealing tickets or trading tickets (bullying to get others tickets- give me 2 tickets to play with you at recess!) became a problem more recently.

Well, First Grader...At Last! posted this entry titled best beehavior catalog and that got me rethinking my reward system.  This year, I wanted to go with free rewards children would like but that didn't cost me anything in time or money and a way to earn rewards that couldn't be easily transferred to others who didn't deserve it. I incorporated several of the rewards I used to have plus some new ones Mrs. Cooley suggested.

Each child will get an Earn and Return punch card ( you can order from Really Good Stuff, but I am using one I found on someone's blog and now I can't figure out whose.)    Children will earn punches for compliments received, staying on green, moving up the behavior chart, random acts of kindness, anything you want to reward. I am using an old punch from my scrapbooking days (I don't have the patience- I prefer shutterfly).

When they have filled up their cards, then they choose what they want.  I have attached envelopes to the posters with matching coupons inside.  I take out a coupon staple to their earn and return card and put in their take home folder - so parents know what reward they have earned the next day.  Give the child a new earn and return card and your done.

Here is a picture of the rewards door.

That's all!  So much easier than spending all that time and money on rewards.

Here are the posters that I created.  You could put these in a folder for kids to peruse but I think having them up inside a closet door to access when you need it allows for more children to see what they want, hence get done faster. 

Here are the matching coupons.

Other reward ideas that I decided not use this year - Spelling Test Vacation (no spelling test that week), Homework Vacation (no homework that week). I had 2 parents complain about these so I decided not to offer it.  Also requires less tracking for me - on why didn't they turn in homework or document why they didn't take a spelling test.  Remember my motto - Keep it Simple!

Hope this helps!


  1. I love these! Can you email them in a word format? I teach Kindergarten and want to change the one about eating lunch. Also, can you email the punch cards?



  2. I would love to send these to you. Please send me your email address and I will get them to you. Please note that the fonts may not go through. Thanks for reading.

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    I love these! Would you please send me a copy? My email is Thanks so much!

  4. These are great! Could you please email me a copy as well so that I can change the grade level?

  5. I absolutely love this idea! It would be perfect for my Kindergarten kids! If you could please send me an email with the file, I would appreciate it!