Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Classroom Management: Rules

I have 5 simple classroom rules.

1. Follow directions quickly. 
2. Listen with your eyes and ears.
3. Work quietly without disturbing others.
4. Use kind words and actions.
5. Work and play safely.

I introduce these the first day with hand motions.  For example:
Follow directions quickly - I use a wave motion with my hands. 
Listen with your eyes and ears - I cup my ear and point to my eyes.
Work quietly - I put my finger in front of my lips like I am shushing someone.
Use kind words and actions - I trace a heart on my chest.
Work and play safely - I place my hand out like stop and then over my eyebrows like look (I actually say stop, look, think).

The good thing about hand motion is I can silently redirect a student with the hand motions.

Make sure to repeat several times a day in the first few weeks.  Then review after longer breaks or whenever kiddos are getting lax.

What are your rules? How do you teach them?

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  1. Your hand motions idea is brilliant! I am going to try that!