Friday, August 5, 2011

The Organized Teacher: My Binder ( FREEBIES)

In the past, I  have used calendars plus separate binders for lesson plans, parent contact info, etc. etc.  After seeing a few posts on binders/organizers, I created my own. This binder will go to all meetings with me. In a 2 inch pink binder, I placed: 
  • Zipper Pocket to hold pen, highlighter, pencil, post-it, lip gloss ( a girl has to look good!), hand sanitizer (a girl has to be careful, too!), tissue (to drop at the feet of a handsome stranger, or wrangle a runny nose)
  • To Do List
  • 8 tab dividers  for these sections:
    • Section 1: Weekly Lesson Plans
    • Section 2: Yearly Calendar - I bought a blank teacher lesson plan book from the $1 section at Target, cut out the pages, entered in the weekly dates, hole punched and viola cheap calendar with LOTS of room to write.
    • Section 3: Year Long Pacing Guide, Reading/Writing Planning Guide and TEKS (Texas Standards)
    • Section 4: Student Assessment & Data - I will keep TPRI class summary sheets, IRI class summary sheets, RTI data here
    • Section 5: Contact Information - Parent Contact information, School Telephone Log, Parent Conference Logs
    • Section 6: Meeting Records - Agendas & Notes for Team meetings, Team leader meetings, faculty meetings, committee meetings
    • Section 7: Emergency Information - Fire Drill, Tornado Drill, Lockdown Drill, Evacuation procedures. We are required to have these in our teacher binder at all times.
    • Section 8: Blank Paper
Here is the binder labels.

I debated over having student procedures and classroom routines included but I know these.  In the end, I decided to keep this in the substitute binder instead.

I bought this desktop organizer at lakeshore.  The binder fits perfectly in the bottom portion. On top is 5 stand up file holders. I label the pockets Monday-Friday and place materials for each day here. Bulky items have a separate box. It is $39.95 but right now, my lakeshore had it 20% off.

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  1. I am making my teacher binder right now - I like your idea of keeping tissues in there! Never know when a handsome stranger will walk by. :)

    Thanks for the post!