Thursday, September 29, 2011

Calendar Wall

CalendarWall Procedures:
1 - Sing the month Song. From a Scholastic calendar time CD with flip chart.
2- Name the pattern for the month. (red, red green). Predict the pattern piece for today.  Count the days in the month and include the number for today.
3- Read the short date (8-26-11) and the long date (August 26, 2011).
4 -Sing yesterday, today, and tomorrow song and move the days to match. From a Ron Brown CD.
5- Move the arrows to reflect the weather.
6- Sing the months of the year song and chant the seasons of the year.
7- Put a popsicle stick in the ones pocket and change the numerals. Count the tens and ones.
8- Mark a tally and count the tallies.
9-Move the time to match the digital display or vice versa.
10-Skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's.
11-Sing Coin song (penny, nickel, dime quarter song from Ron Brown CD)
12-Problem Solving of the Day using the FAST method in math journals.
FAST (Facts, Action, Solve, Think)
Draw a T in the middle of the page, label each square with one of the letters
F               A
S               T
I read the problem but not the question. We draw a picture to match the facts in the F square.
Then, I read the question and we decide what action - Join, Separate, Find the Missing Part, Compare, or Order and write the corresponding operation in the A square
Next, We write the number sentence or draw a table - whatever is necessary for the problem in the S square and determine the answer.
Last, I ask what the number they got means and write an answer sentence in the T section.
That is all.
Here are some more up close pics of my math wall.
Hope it helps.

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