Saturday, September 10, 2011

Classroom Management: Behavior Board

I use cards for my behavior system.  Each child has a green card in their pocket labeled with their number.  Under the 22 pockets are some extra pockets with cards labeled W, 1, 2,3,4,5. 

Students move a W to their number if I have given a warning and ask them to move the warning card.  They can still get a sticker for the day.

After one warning, students move a card that matches the rule they are not following.  For example, a child is talking during a read aloud.  I would redirect them.  They continue, I have them move a warning card and give a ticket.  They continue, then I have them move a number 2 card for not listening with their eyes and ears and they turn in another ticket.  Sometimes children may have more than one rule card like not working or playing safely and not following directions.

This helps me in a number of ways.  I have a hard time remembering at the end of the day what the child did - especially if several had to move their card.  So it helps me at least narrow it down to a rule.  I write the rule down in the days box on their behavior calendar.  I tally how many times they have broken that rule which helps me in writing parent conference forms and report card grades/comments.

To train the kids on the rules, at the beginning of the year, children write a book called "My Classroom Rules".  Each day we review the rules we have learned so far, then introduce a new one, they write the rule with the number and illustrate it.   After the last day they have a rule book that they take home.  Parents and children then know the rules.  It helps.

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