Saturday, September 10, 2011

Classroom Management: Punch Card Update

Well...I tried the punch card these last three weeks of school and while none were lost and punching a card was easy, I have determined there are some serious drawbacks.

1. I was saying "If you do (whatever), you can get a punch." well..needless to say telling a child he is getting a punch - who understand that I mean a hole punch - wasn't translating well to people who overheard or to parents getting a mixed message at home from the little ones.

2. You can't take away a punch.  So if a child misbehaved or moved their card, they still had the same number of punches and didn't really feel an immediate consequence - like giving a ticket back.

3. It was too hard to punch cards on the fly.  It is much easier to hand out tickets than punch a card because you have to wait for them to find them and get them out.  Whereas with tickets, you just give it and it is done.

So on Monday I am back to my old tried and true tickets.  So when children move a card for their behavior, then they have to give a ticket.  They will still earn rewards by earning 20 tickets.

On a side note, the rewards are working fabuously.  They love the rewards.  Surprisingly, many boys have wanted the super supplies box with the fancy scissors and glitter pencils.  Strange.

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