Thursday, September 29, 2011

Celebrate America

During Constitution Week, we discussed what freedom meant and made some art that represented America.
Below we made American Bald Eagles out of paper bags.

We made American Flags. We gave them the correct number of white and red stripes but some got lost in the process.
We also made Uncle Sam paper plate faces.  Pics coming soon!

Hope this helps.

Phonics: Short O Popcorn

As we finished our short o week, kids were given a popcorn box and some popcorn with different words.  They had to find the short o words and glue them around the popcorn box.
Simple and effective. Not to mention cute.
Hope it helps.

Calendar Wall

CalendarWall Procedures:
1 - Sing the month Song. From a Scholastic calendar time CD with flip chart.
2- Name the pattern for the month. (red, red green). Predict the pattern piece for today.  Count the days in the month and include the number for today.
3- Read the short date (8-26-11) and the long date (August 26, 2011).
4 -Sing yesterday, today, and tomorrow song and move the days to match. From a Ron Brown CD.
5- Move the arrows to reflect the weather.
6- Sing the months of the year song and chant the seasons of the year.
7- Put a popsicle stick in the ones pocket and change the numerals. Count the tens and ones.
8- Mark a tally and count the tallies.
9-Move the time to match the digital display or vice versa.
10-Skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's.
11-Sing Coin song (penny, nickel, dime quarter song from Ron Brown CD)
12-Problem Solving of the Day using the FAST method in math journals.
FAST (Facts, Action, Solve, Think)
Draw a T in the middle of the page, label each square with one of the letters
F               A
S               T
I read the problem but not the question. We draw a picture to match the facts in the F square.
Then, I read the question and we decide what action - Join, Separate, Find the Missing Part, Compare, or Order and write the corresponding operation in the A square
Next, We write the number sentence or draw a table - whatever is necessary for the problem in the S square and determine the answer.
Last, I ask what the number they got means and write an answer sentence in the T section.
That is all.
Here are some more up close pics of my math wall.
Hope it helps.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Classroom Management: Behavior Board

I use cards for my behavior system.  Each child has a green card in their pocket labeled with their number.  Under the 22 pockets are some extra pockets with cards labeled W, 1, 2,3,4,5. 

Students move a W to their number if I have given a warning and ask them to move the warning card.  They can still get a sticker for the day.

After one warning, students move a card that matches the rule they are not following.  For example, a child is talking during a read aloud.  I would redirect them.  They continue, I have them move a warning card and give a ticket.  They continue, then I have them move a number 2 card for not listening with their eyes and ears and they turn in another ticket.  Sometimes children may have more than one rule card like not working or playing safely and not following directions.

This helps me in a number of ways.  I have a hard time remembering at the end of the day what the child did - especially if several had to move their card.  So it helps me at least narrow it down to a rule.  I write the rule down in the days box on their behavior calendar.  I tally how many times they have broken that rule which helps me in writing parent conference forms and report card grades/comments.

To train the kids on the rules, at the beginning of the year, children write a book called "My Classroom Rules".  Each day we review the rules we have learned so far, then introduce a new one, they write the rule with the number and illustrate it.   After the last day they have a rule book that they take home.  Parents and children then know the rules.  It helps.

Classroom Management: Punch Card Update

Well...I tried the punch card these last three weeks of school and while none were lost and punching a card was easy, I have determined there are some serious drawbacks.

1. I was saying "If you do (whatever), you can get a punch." well..needless to say telling a child he is getting a punch - who understand that I mean a hole punch - wasn't translating well to people who overheard or to parents getting a mixed message at home from the little ones.

2. You can't take away a punch.  So if a child misbehaved or moved their card, they still had the same number of punches and didn't really feel an immediate consequence - like giving a ticket back.

3. It was too hard to punch cards on the fly.  It is much easier to hand out tickets than punch a card because you have to wait for them to find them and get them out.  Whereas with tickets, you just give it and it is done.

So on Monday I am back to my old tried and true tickets.  So when children move a card for their behavior, then they have to give a ticket.  They will still earn rewards by earning 20 tickets.

On a side note, the rewards are working fabuously.  They love the rewards.  Surprisingly, many boys have wanted the super supplies box with the fancy scissors and glitter pencils.  Strange.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lesson Plan Template

Lately, I have seen lots of folks posting their lesson plan templates.  Well, I have tried many and this is really the one that fits me best.  It is really easy because lots of routines are built in which makes it easy for a sub to follow.  It is a Word document so it is easy to page break (something I find hard to do on Excel).  I designed it.  I love it.  Let me know what you think.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Blog: A Working Momma

Check out my new blog: A Working Momma.

I will be posting menu plans, recipes, crafts, books I am reading, and anything else non-teaching that catches my fancy.

Hope you enjoy!