Thursday, February 7, 2013

Classroom Management: Quick Pick & Sticker Sticks

Every year, I create two sets of sticks - quick picks & sticker sticks.  I use jumbo craft sticks to create these.
Quick Picks are sticks with numbers of the students in my class. (Each child has a number.) I use these to call on students to answer questions or anytime I need to pick a student for something.

Sticker Sticks - I get stickers to match my theme. I get stickers that have a matching pair. For example, two sticks will have a green robot, two will have a red robot, etc.  I do this for 11 pairs (a total of 22 students).  I use these whenever I need to have students work in groups.  They each draw a stick, then find their matching pair.  If I need larger groups of 4, then I have them pair up with another group. If I have an odd number of students then the odd man out gets to pick the group he joins to make a triad.

Cheap and easy. Hope this helps.

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