Friday, February 8, 2013

Guided Reading: Fitting It All In

Welcome to Day 3 of Guided Reading Boot Camp!  The age old do I fit it all in? Well, I may not have a magic answer, but I hope how I organize my time will give you some ideas.

I have 5 groups of readers.
I am a general ed teacher in a special education collaborative classroom. My collab teacher takes 3 of the kids who are the lowest and works with them. I don't meet with them for guided reading.
So now I have 4 groups of readers who I see 4 times a week. How?

Blue group - lowest group below level
Red Group - on level group
Yellow Group- slightly above level group
Green Group- really high group

(yeah, I am not very creative in the group naming department - colors are easy)

I have 3 round each about 20-25 minutes. What? But I have 4 groups.

Round 1: I meet with Green Group- introduce their phonics skill with an activity, intro the leveled book for the week, and then review the independent work they will do the remainder of the week
Round 2: Meet with Blue Group
Round 3: Meet with Red Group

Round 1: Meet with Blue Group. 
Round 1 (on carpet next to teacher table): Green Group reading book and works on assignment for the day. While Blue group rereads for fluency, I take this time to get Green group going and to answer questions about the day's assignment.
Round 2: Meet with Red Group
Round 3: Meet with Yellow Group

Round 1: Meet with Yellow Group
Round 2: Meet with Green Group- review their phonics skill, review their work from the week and discuss the story, take a running record on 2 students
Round 3: HFW tests

If I didn't have the collab teacher, I would be rotating the red and yellow groups and meeting with blue and group 5 every day.  So Tuesday & Thursday I would meet with Red while Yellow is working independently on the floor on activity from previous guided reading book. On Wednesday & Friday, Yellow would meet with me while Red was on the floor working independently. 

The key to making the floor groups work is proximity to the teaching table and accountability for the day's work.

Hope this helps.

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